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 Priest Class

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Priests are devoted to the spiritual, and express their unwavering faith by serving the
people. For millennia they have left behind the confines of their temples and the comfort
of their shrines so they can support their allies in war-torn lands. In the midst of terrible conflict,
no hero questions the value of the priestly orders.

These masters of the healing arts keep their companions fighting far beyond their normal
capacities with an array of restorative powers and blessings. The divine forces at the priest’s
command can also be turned against foes, smiting them with holy fury.

As light cannot exist without darkness, and darkness without light, some priests tap into shadow
to better understand their own abilities, as well as the abilities of those who threaten them.

Priests use powerful healing magic to fortify themselves and their allies. They also wield powerful
offensive spells from a distance, but can be overwhelmed by enemies due to their physical frailty and
minimal armor. Experienced priests carefully balance the use of their offensive powers when tasked
with keeping their party alive.

Available Weapons
One-Handed Maces,

Available Armor
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Priest Class
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