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 Draenei Race

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Long before the fallen titan, Sargeras, unleashed his demonic Legion on Azeroth,
he turned his baleful gaze upon the world of Argus and its highly intelligent inhabitants,
the eredar. Believing that this magically gifted race would be a crucial component in his
dark quest to undo all of creation, Sargeras contacted the eredar’s three leaders - Kil’jaeden,
Archimonde, and Velen - and offered them knowledge and power in exchange for their loyalty.

Only Velen abstained, for he had seen a vision. In it, his people were transformed into hideous demons,
and they joined the ranks of Sargeras’ Burning Legion: an army of unspeakable evil that would grow vast
and decimate life on countless worlds. With the aid of the naaru, benevolent energy beings who had
resolved to combat the fallen titan’s nihilistic crusade, Velen gathered other like-minded eredar and narrowly
escaped Argus. Forever after, these renegades would call themselves the draenei, or “exiled ones.”

Kil’jaeden, who had loved Velen like a brother, was infuriated by the draenei’s flight from Argus and their ungratefu
l refusal of Sargeras’ offer. In retaliation, Kil’jaeden led the Legion’s armies on a relentless pursuit of the draenei
throughout the cosmos. Eventually, Velen and his beleaguered people eluded their hunters and found sanctuary
on a remote world that they would name Draenor, or “Exiles’ Refuge.” Having been instructed by the naaru in the
ways of the Light, the draenei developed an extraordinary society on their new home and came to know the
shamanistic orc clans native to Draenor.

Yet the draenei’s peaceful existence did not last. Upon discovering the renegades’ home, Kil’jaeden corrupted the noble
orcs into a single, bloodthirsty force of destruction: the Horde. Blinded by rage, the orcs wreaked havoc upon the draenei
, slaughtering over eighty percent of the race and forcing Velen and other survivors into hiding. Many draenei also mutated
into lesser forms known as the Krokul, or “Broken,” after being exposed to the fel energies wielded by orc warlocks. Decades
after the Horde’s genocidal campaign, the shaman Ner’zhul opened magical portals throughout Draenor, and the resulting
magical stress tore the dying world apart.

In the wake of the calamity, what remained of Draenor - known henceforth as Outland - devolved into a battleground among
the Burning Legion and other factions vying for control of the ruined landscape. To escape the mounting chaos,
Velen and a number of his followers commandeered the Exodar, a satellite structure of the stunning naaru
dimensional fortress named Tempest Keep. Using this craft to search for new allies, the draenei left Outland
and later crash-landed upon the world of Azeroth.

Inspired by heroic tales of the Alliance and its victories against the Legion, the draenei sought out and pledged
their loyalty to this courageous faction. Not long afterward, Velen and his noble refugees played a key role in
urging the Alliance to invade Outland and disrupt the Legion’s nefarious activities. Armed with their unshakable
faith in the Light, the draenei ventured to their embattled former home as steadfast members of the Alliance
and defeated their ancient demonic rivals.

The return to Outland offered many draenei a chance to reconnect with their brethren who had been left behind.
While some of Velen’s race chose to rebuild their society in the shattered land, the majority of draenei remained
on Azeroth, vowing to uphold their commitment to the Alliance. Recently, Velen was granted a dire vision
concerning a war between the forces of light and darkness that would take place on Azeroth. Thus, the draenei
and their sage leader are now bravely preparing to stand against the shadow that they believe is fast approaching.

Home City:The Exodar

Once a satellite structure of the mighty Tempest Keep, the dimensional craft known as
the Exodar was used by a group of draenei to escape their perilous home on Outland. After
departing the shattered draenei world, the Exodar appeared above northern Kalimdor when a
spectacular explosion ripped open the skies. The great vessel impacted on the shores of
Azuremyst Isle, which has since become home to Outland’s refugee draenei. Following
their dramatic landing, the draenei have utilized the remains of the Exodar to great effect,
transforming it into a base of operations for their dealings on Azeroth.

Leader:Prophet Velen

Alongside Kil’jaeden and Archimonde, the wise prophet Velen ruled over the eredar
race on the world of Argus. Unlike his brethren, however, Velen was gifted with the ability
to foresee events to come. Thus, soon after the dark titan, Sargeras, approached the three
leaders with offerings of knowledge and power, Velen received a vision that his people would
ultimately become members of the demonic Burning Legion. While Kil’jaeden and Archimonde
readily allied with Sargeras, Velen instead gathered other wary eredar and found sanctuary
on the world of Draenor with the help of the enigmatic naaru race.

Not long ago, a number of draenei resettled on Azeroth, hoping to put a halt to the Legion’s murderous
activities in Outland. Sensing great courage in the Alliance, Velen and his followers pledged themselves
to this noble faction. The strengthened Alliance then helped the draenei reclaim their former holdings from
the Legion. Most recently, Velen used the heart of a fallen naaru to sanctify the blood elves’ tainted Sunwell,
transforming the sacred fount into a source of holy and arcane energies. Although the Legion’s forces in
Outland have been greatly diminished and the demonic invasion of Azeroth has been driven back,
Velen remains fearful of an upcoming war between light and shadow.
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Draenei Race
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