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 Gold Roggers

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Gold Roggers

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PostSubject: Gold Roggers   Gold Roggers I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 12, 2011 1:55 pm

Name:Gold Roggers


Bounty:200 gold pieces (Wanted in Westfall for assassination of Protector Gariel)





Home Village/City:Undermine

Appearance:Very handsome looking goblin with a long black bear and curled mustache.Black Hair combed in his face .Brown eyes, Well built muscular. Wearing dark assassins garb.

History: Traveling throughout azeroth Gold Roggers killed for riches and women. Soon becoming widely know for assassinating. Alliance and horde alike hire him from time to time. Doing a little pirating off on the side he head about a treasure hidden within Orgimmar interested he Headed off in search of his new found wealth.

Personality:Charming,greedy,unwavering,a lady's man.


Special Abilities:
Stealth.back stab,pickpocket.
cheap shot, disarm trap,blind,
Ghostly strike,shadow step,

Learned Techniques :
Gut Spiller: Slices ones gut open.
Hateful Slash. Full of hate and anger slashes at an opponent with rage.

Weapons/Armor: 2 one handed katana's dripping with poison ,black leather armor

Items: Poison viles, Belt full of daggers, 200 gold,

Goals: To become the wealthiest goblin and find the women of his dreams
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PostSubject: Re: Gold Roggers   Gold Roggers I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 12, 2011 2:06 pm

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Gold Roggers
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